‘Child mental health referrals up 26% in the last five years’ according to a BBC News report of the 7th of October. This in itself is a worrying statistic, but sadly this is no isolated figure.

On an almost daily basis we are warned of the fragile nature of our children’s mental health and yet young people experiencing mental health difficulties can sometimes struggle to access the support they need, particularly early on in the development of a mental health conditions.

This is why I am such a strong advocate of mindfulness based techniques. They are suitable for anyone and everyone, whatever your age, gender, race or religion. These techniques can be taught by trained practitioners both inside and outside the school environment, and once learnt they can be practised independently, giving people a toolkit to use when dealing with difficult times. And in developing the mindfulness based skills of young people we can begin to move away from the current approach of shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted to a more proactive course of action which seeks to prevent the onset of more serious mental health conditions.

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