Bellamy Brickle’s Circus Dream

Bellamy Brickle’s Circus Dream

A young boy called Bellamy heads to the circus in order to realise his dream of flying.

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About the Book

Bellamy Brickle’s Circus Dream tells the tale of young Bellamy Brickle, an ordinary boy who was really quite little, a child with dreams as big as the sky, and one of those dreams of course was to fly.  Now he had no idea what a challenge this would present as he headed towards the grand circus tent, where the trapeze bars stood ready and willing to aid a first flight so wondrous and thrilling. However, things didn’t quite go to plan for help was needed from cannonball Stan, along with Clyde the clown and ringmaster Dave, as Bellamy’s life was theirs to save.  But it wasn’t just his circus comrades that rescued Bellamy and made him brave, for his superhero undies so bold, red and yellow roused and rallied the plucky little fellow.

As ‘Bellamy Brickle’s Circus Dream’ forms part of a wider series about the family Brickle, it will be followed firstly by, ‘Bellamy Brickle Dreams Again’, and then by ‘Betsy Brickle’s Big Dream’, a humorous tale about Bellamy’s sister and her ambition to find a prince for marriage.

Series: Brickle Books, Book 1
Genre: Children's Book
Publication Year: 2018
Format: Paperback
Length: 41
Illustrator: Lisa Williams
ASIN: 1527229998
ISBN: 9781527229990
List Price: £7.99
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