Bellamy Brickle’s Circus Dream

Well we’re nearly there. 1,035 days after the first draft of ‘Bellamy Brickle’s Circus Dream’ was written, my book is about to launch. After numerous rewrites and countless edits, at last Bellamy is about to take his first steps into the literary world.

How do I feel about this? Excited? Definitely. Proud? Unequivocally. Nervous? Yes, a little. It’s certainly been a marathon and not a sprint, and for a first time writer the degree of challenge involved has, at times, been mind boggling. From rewriting the entire first draft, as I was simply unhappy with it, to finding a publisher who celebrates the work of new talent, and in between all of this starting my own business that teaches mindfulness to children and working part-time as a teacher, it has truly been a labour of love.

And yes, I do love Bellamy Brickle. For here is a boy who has the courage and commitment needed to chase his dreams, no matter how many hurdles he faces, and I suppose in some small part that makes him a little bit like me.

If you get the opportunity to read ‘Bellamy Brickle’s Circus Dream then please take it’, but more importantly if you have the chance to achieve your dream then grasp it with both hands and don’t let go until you have whatever it is that lights up your world.

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