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Growing Happiness - Paws b Mindfulness for Children

Growing Happiness shot into life in early 2018 with the purpose of teaching young children the life skills of resilience, confidence and mental wellbeing through mindfulness.  However, its roots were established in 2017 when, in partnership with the National Lottery and Wrexham Glyndwr University, its founder, Jo Pritchard, received training from the Mindfulness in Schools Project to deliver the Paws b Mindfulness Programme to Key Stage Two children in a number of primary schools in the North East Wales area.  These included Bwlchgwyn CP, Cefn Mawr Primary, Ysgol Derwen, Ysgol Maes-y-Llan and Ysgol Acrefair.  As a result of the positive feedback received, it was decided to cultivate the idea into a business in order to reach out to as many schools and young people as possible.


Jo Pritchard is an outstanding primary school teacher with over fifteen years of classroom experience, and passionately believes in the importance of teaching children ways of developing their resilience, confidence and mental wellbeing in order that they achieve both their academic and non-academic potential.

Mindfulness has benefitted Jo enormously in her own life, bringing her greater happiness as well as the increased tenacity and flexibility needed to take the plunge and start her own business.  To say that being trained in 2017 to deliver the Paws b Mindfulness Programme was a life changing experience would be an understatement for Jo, for she considers that primary schools are in need this kind of support in order to raise levels of joy and contentment amongst their pupils.  Children today live in a world that is awash with pressure, be this from social media, academic testing or problems associated with family and daily life, and Jo believes that by learning the mindfulness skills and techniques needed to successfully navigate difficult times then we are empowering young people to grow happiness in their own lives both now and in the future.



Author of Brickle Books

On the theme of happiness, as a primary school teacher Jo considers that there is no greater joy than reading a class of children a story book which leaves them enthralled, enraptured and exploding with laughter.  Hence, her inspiration to write a series of rhyming stories about a family called ‘The Brickles’ and the bonkers missions and schemes they undertake to achieve their dreams.  The Brickle Family include: Bellamy and his sister Betsy; Mum and Dad; Grandma and Grandad; and last, but by no means least, his crazy Aunts.  Their dreams include things like wrestling a crocodile, swimming the Nile, joining a boy band quintet and piloting a fighter jet, and not only aim to inspire the young reader to follow their dreams, however difficult this may be, but also seek to challenge stereotypes that surround things like age and gender.

Bellamy Brickle’s Circus Dream

The first of these tales is called ‘Bellamy Brickle’s Circus Dream’, and is about young Bellamy Brickle, an ordinary boy who was really quite little, a child with dreams as big as the sky, and one of those dreams of course was to fly…

Coming Soon…

Bellamy Brickle Dreams Again

Betsy Brickle’s Big Dream