About Paws b

Why Choose the Paws b Mindfulness Programme for Your Key Stage Two Children?

Mindfulness has been scientifically proven to make changes in the brain that seek to promote the development of resilience, confidence and mental wellbeing in individuals.  Professor Katherine Weare observed in her award winning research that schools who engage in mindfulness are likely to see, “beneficial results on the emotional wellbeing, mental health, ability to learn and even the physical health of their students.”

The Paws b programme was developed by the charity the Mindfulness in Schools Project, and has so far benefitted over 350,000 primary and secondary school pupils..

Since 2017 the Mindfulness in Schools Project has been carrying out research that shows that so far 98% of school teachers involved in the Paws b Programme said that it supported pupils with their wobbles and their worries, as well as feelings of sadness and anger.



99% of teachers surveyed would recommend the Paws b course to a friend.


Our testimonials are evidence of the impact of Growing Happiness—Paws b Mindfulness for Children programme, please contact me for more details.

General Information

  1. The cost is £390 for six sessions.
  2. Sessions follow the ‘Paws b’ Mindfulness Programme which was created by the Mindfulness in Schools Project.
  3. Sessions are fully interactive and resourced.
  4. Can be delivered within the classroom setting.
  5. Practices used within the sessions can easily be used by the class teacher at other times during the teaching week.
  6. The course can be delivered to either whole classes or small groups of Upper Key Stage Two (Year 5 & 6) children.
  7. Sessions last between one hour and one and a quarter hours.
  8. At the end of the course schools will receive the following:
    - Certificates for all children taking part.
    - An evaluation based on the feedback of both pupils and teachers, which can be used as evidence for ‘Healthy Schools’ Awards’.
    - Examples of Mindfulness Practices which can be used in class to help to encourage calm and reduce anxiety.
    - A prize at the end to reward pupil engagement.

Course Outline

Session 1 - Our Amazing Brain (Let’s Explore Our Amazing Brain)

Session 2 - Puppy Training (Learning to be the Present Moment)

Session 3 - Finding a Steady Place (Grounding Ourselves when we Wobble)

Session 4 - Dealing with Difficulty (Managing Your Amygdala)

Session 5 - The Storytelling Mind (Recognising the Power of Thoughts)

Session 6 - Growing Happiness (Choosing to Nurture Ourselves and Others)